KC Security

Have you got a security solution in place to protect your business? Without it, you could put your company, your employees and your customers at risk.


What are the risks?

Network Downtime

Almost all security breaches will incur some downtime, whether it’s just one computer or the entire office. This can cause a loss of productivity and therefore hit your bottom line.

Identity & Financial Theft

All too often we hear stories of our friends and colleagues being victims of identity theft, where someone has cloned a bank card and obtained their cash fraudulently. Unfortunately, it is more prevalent in the business community, with many businesses preferring not to admit a breach.

Damaged Reputation

Any disruption on a business’ network can disturb efficiency, service and responsiveness, which could have a detrimental effect on your reputation with your customers.

Data Loss, Damage, Destruction and Threat

From intellectual property, to customer details and even your employees’ payment details, this is data which may be accessed by an intruder to your network if the correct security is not in place. This data which if damaged, destroyed, lost or stolen carries penalties under the Data Protection Act 1998.

We have a range of security products available so talk to us about securing your network so you have worry-free Internet use.